This Little Guy!

Oct 4, 2022

This little guy sits on the side of my driveway and stares at me every morning as I set out for my walk.  I’m pretty sure he thinks he is blending in perfectly. He wonders what I am up to. He’s torn about whether he should run or just sit there. In a month or two he will turn white and hide in the snow. We hold eye contact for 30 seconds. He wakes something up in me as I stare into these eyes.  He has his own rich life. Something mysterious about that. I’m sure you have felt it.


Imagine a world without animals. What an empty feeling. Here we are in the middle of this incredible diversity and complexity in birds and bugs and seasons. Incredible! Why do I let myself lose this “wow” and move inside my little thought world every day? Why do I let my mind bounce around so much trying to fix that negative feeling? I’m given the gift of this little guy and he catches my imagination. That feeling of the incredible beauty and generosity of all this diversity. Whoa what a rush this amazing world is!  I am grateful for it and I know as I draw my last breath, these moments will be what come up. Thanks for the reminder little guy!