Sometimes life feels hard. Maybe you are struggling to manage the demands of daily roles and routines. Maybe you are feeling disconnected in your relationships. Maybe you are worrying about your kids…their behaviour, their grades, their anxiety, their future. You may be feeling like you are alone in the feelings you are having. You are not alone.

We are wired to do hard things.
We can do hard things much easier when we remember this: we are wired for connection.
— Jody Carrington

Connections Psychological Services was formed with a desire to go deeper to support families with something lasting. Brea and Paul, Co-Founders of Connections, are both Psychologists, Teachers, and Parents. They have worked for many years with children and families as School Counsellors and Psychologists.

They called their practice "Connections" because they believe it's relationships that matter most for growth and healing. Quality attachments with trusted family members and friends are essential for mental health.

Connections Psychological Services creates a safe place, with supportive relationships, where people can come together to learn and grow.  

We Offer:

Counselling for Individuals, Couples, and Families


Brea Malacad, R. Psych


Paul Berg, R. Psych



Psychoeducational Assessments

Online Services - Therapeutic Support through your Computer