We offer individual therapy for children, adolescents, and adults, as well as, family support, parenting coaching, and couples counselling.

Counselling services can be provided in-person or online,

via a secure video conferencing platform.

All counselling services are provided by a Registered Psychologist or Masters-Level Social Worker, or by a Provisional Psychologist under the supervision of a Registered Psychologist. Services are eligible for coverage under health insurance plans and we can direct bill to some providers (including Blue Cross and Green Shield).

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Registered Psychologist

$220 for a 60-minute session, $245 for 75-min, and $270 for 90-min

Registered Social Worker

$200 for a 60-minute session, $225 for 75-min, and $250 for 90-min

Provisional Psychologist

$200 for a 60-minute session, $225 for 75-min, and $250 for 90-min

Student Clinician

$50 for a 60-minute session

Please note that the last 10 minutes of each session is dedicated time for your clinician to do case notes and your treatment planning (e.g. for a

60-minute session you can expect to spend 50 minutes

face-to-face with your clinician).

Each of our clinicians have specific areas of passion and expertise - the clinician who is the best fit will depend on the age of the client

and the type of support needed.

An image of a virtual counselling session

Group Programs

At Connections Psychological Services we see relationships as essential for growth and development, and we believe there is immense healing power in human connection. As such, we offer opportunities for clients to learn and grow alongside others who are experiencing similar challenges or life circumstances.

Although the thought of participating in a group is uncomfortable for many people at first, they end up discovering a sense of community and shared experience that they didn’t even realize they were longing for. Group therapy can help you find your voice, gain new perspective, and learn how to relate to yourself and others in healthier ways.

Group offerings vary throughout the year.

An image of a virtual counselling session
An image of a virtual counselling session

Psychoeducational Assessments

A psycho-educational assessment consists of a series of standardized tests related to aspects of learning and processing. An assessment provides insight into various cognitive processes including verbal and visual learning, reasoning ability, attention and concentration, impulsive response style, language skills, and memory. The process also involves examining various academic skills such as reading (sight vocabulary, phonetic skills, and reading comprehension), spelling, writing, mathematics, and oral language skills.

Testing typically takes 3-6 hours to complete, and can be broken into shorter sessions if needed. Assessments can be completed in our office or onsite (e.g. in a school setting). Results are interpreted, written up, and shared with the client at a debrief meeting approximately 4 weeks after the testing date(s). At the end of the assessment process clients receive an extensive report with multi-dimensional testing, results, interpretation and recommendations tailored to their specific needs.

Rates for assessment services range from $1,500 to $2,500, depending on the nature of the case and what type of testing is required. The cost for a standard comprehensive psychoeductional assessment is $1,950.
To inquire about assessment services, please fill in the form below:

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